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TAKES TWO TO TANGO…marriage takes two to work -Obajolu

It’s Mother’s Day, what other day to reinforce that marriage takes work! The divorce rate across the world is on a steady rise and if care is not taken, there’s high probability that the younger generation will take a detour and redefine the institution.

Mother’s day…marriage takes work.

At Christ Life Church in Maryland USA, Seun Obajolu, Lead Change Agent and Relationship expert at the Mother’s day celebration urged couples to take extra efforts in making their marriage enjoyable and not endurable.

She posited that to have a successful marriage,  there must be Love, submision and commitment even through trials of life. While men crave respect, women crave loving. It is important to know when and where to tend to the different inherent emotions.

Mrs Obajolu who’s been married for 16 years affirmed that sexual satisfaction and faithfulness also go a long way in contributing longevity and fruitfulness to marriages. She says SEX is food and an essential key to the success of your marriage.

The interactive session with members of the church also brought out other essential keys couples need to imbibe in their marriages including being humble, having ME time,  patience and forgiveness.

Christ Life Church, Maryland USA on Mother’s day.

Others are being selfless, communicating with each other and finally, be financially open without being a burden.

The theme of the Mother’s day celebration is, ‘Marriage takes work’.

Seun Obajolu is a Lead Change Agent/Relationship expert and the brain behind Real talk, a weekly Facebook Live programme on Fridays by 4pm EST.


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