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RACISM, DEMOCRACY AND JOURNALISM; Welcome to my World! – Soledad O’Brien

There should be no going back when it comes to protecting Democracy in any part of the world. Everyone, irrespective of their age, gender, religion and creed must continue to promote and propagate the ideals of moving the nation forward.

Award winning Broadcast-Journalist, Soledad O’Brien in an exclusive interview was emphatic about everyone having a part to play in the government of the people, by the people and for the people.


Soledad was a Distinguished Lecturer at the 2017, Delivering Democracy Lecture at the Pilgrim Baptist Church in Phoenix Arizona. The event put together by the Arizona State University, Center for the Study of Race and Democracy was graced by people from all walks of life.

Hearing her speak at the lecture, no doubt she is a good story teller, no wonder she chose journalism over the sciences that she studied in school. Born to a white Australian father and black Cuban mother, Soledad told the story of discrimination and how her parents broke the odds when it was somewhat impossible for interracial marriages to happen. She also talked about how she’s been able to professionally handle her reports and duties as journalist who is a person of color.

Being the host of the critically acclaimed documentary series, ‘Blacks in America’ and Latino in America, Soledad said she thought racism was going out of fashion and the only way to get through is to have a conversation!

“You cannot advance good, if you don’t confront bad!’
– Soledad O’Brien


She is definitely passionate about her job, Broadcast journalism. Hear her:

For young journalists and those aspiring to be one, Soledad advised them to put themselves in the very best position to be hired, acquire relevant skills and really compete for the job.

50 year-old Soledad O‘Brien was born on Sept 19, 1966. In 2010, she was named journalist of th year by the National Association of Black Journalists, Newsweek magazine’s 10 People who will make America Great in 2006 amongst other awards. She has worked at different times as a News Anchor, Correspondent and producer at NBC, CNN, Aljazeera and MSNBC. Now she’s working on her memoir, ‘The Next Big Story: My journey through the Land of possibilities’. This is a chronology of her reportorial moments and how she was influenced by her experiences considering her upbringing and background.

‘There’s no American look, we look like everything!’-
-Soledad O’Brien

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