Ensa Cosby dies at 44 pic courtesy:Getty images

Tragedy has struck in the home of veteran comedian Bill Cosby, his daughter, Ensa has died as

Ensa Cosby dies at 44
pic courtesy:Getty images

a result of kidney disease.

Ensa 44, who defended her father when he went on trial over allegations he drugged and sexually assaulted a woman in 2004 died in Massachusetts on Friday, according to spokesman Andrew Wyatt.

Cosby denies the allegations of sexual abuse and others that followed suit.

Bill Cosby at one of the trials. Pic courtesy CNN

Ensa Cosby, who once appeared in an episode of her father’s programme The Cosby Show, is reported to have had health issues in the past.

TMZ, which first reported her death, said she had been in line for a kidney transplant.

She has three surviving sisters – Evin, Errin and Erika. A brother, Ennis, was murdered in 1997 during a failed robbery attempt as he changed his car tyre.

Ensa, a mother-of-one in a statement last year, said there was a racist motivation for her father’s prosecution.

“My father has been publicly lynched in the media,” she said, adding that the accusations against him were “appalling”.

Dozens of women say 80-year-old Cosby assaulted them, but statute of limitation rules mean he was allowed to be tried for Ms Constand’s allegation only.

After last year’s mistrial, a new trial is due to begin on 2 April.

Bill and Ensa



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