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It’s another May 3rd and we are here in 2020, commemorating World Press Freedom day.
A day to encourage and develop initiatives in favour of the press, be it print, broadcast and social media (don’t fight it, own it) .
Can we then say this year’s theme; “Journalism without fear or favour” speaks to the underlining and ‘overlining’ trajectories that the fourth estate of the realm has found itself.

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For a lot of people(and this is debatable) what has kept them in the profession is the passion or how else can one describe the constant neglect of those who, against all odds and opposition continue to play their part of collating, transmitting and ensuring news, information, analysis and entertainment gets through to the bottom of the chain, the decoder.
It appears it is the constant K…. In crisis such as this, the Coronavirus pandemic, the Government and people are quick to mention the press as part of essential duties but when it’s time for renumeration, commendations et al, in the quick same vein, it skips their minds to acknowledge and do due diligence.

What is good for the goose is also good for the gander. This saying should not only apply to government, it is also for media owners, publishers, media execs, editors and journalists all over the world. Let us begin to treat ourselves right and respect/honour one another, only then, will ‘outsiders’ do same!
We are individual pieces in life’s puzzle, everyone has a role to play, none is more important than the other.


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About the author

Adetola Kayode

For more than 20 years, Adetola Kayode has trained and worked in the broadcasting world as a writer, reporter, news anchor and presenter. Presently, she plies her trade with Lagos Television, LTV, the foremost state owned Television station in Nigeria.

In the course of that time, her work has made tremendous impact by beaming spotlight on human conditions, thoughts and insightful coverage of the lives of the disadvantaged people across Nigeria.

With her sharp, witty take on the most pressing social issues, she “gives a voice to the voiceless” by engaging authorities at state and national levels.

Outside of broadcasting, she has also been a constant pillar of support to several charities,non-governmental organisations and publications. As an adviser to some of these NGOs, she provides guidance and unpaid communication consulting towards the well-being and education of less privileged people across the country.
Travelling,singing and proofreading gives her joy and satisfaction.

Adetola is a 2016/2017 fellow of the United States of America's Hubert Humphrey Fellowship, an alumnus of the Radio Netherlands Training Centre, RNTC, The Netherlands, The Lagos State University, LASU {MCS} and The Polytechnic, Ibadan {OND/HND Broadcast Major}

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